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       The Ecoturistic Camp has local guides that will make you discover the tropical jungle across numerous activities in touch with the nature and sports that will produce intense emotions. Also our guides will take you to some archaeological sites located inside this wonderful vegetation.


The surroundings of the camp are the perfect place to practice hiking. You will be able to walk inside the ecological reservation Filobobos River next to the cattle and rivers, encounter spectacular waterfalls, birds and tropical plants, or to admire the sea from a secret viewing-point.

We offer you 4 different themes for Hiking: 
Enchanted Hike
Viewing-points Hike   
Flora explanation Hike
Bird Lovers Hike


River descent 

      The Ecological Reservation of the Filobobos River is an ideal place to practice river descent, an exciting activity. You will descent numerous rapids, which will produce adrenaline and amusement.  

During the descents, you will admire beautiful landscapes like canyons, caves (grottos), waterfalls as well as fossils and water streams among others. Emotion Guaranteed! 


      In Filobobos River, there can be done three different descents, which will satisfy all, from the novice to the experienced adventurer.  

Section “Alto Filo” (High Edge)

Section “Filo – Encanto” (Edge – Enchantment)
Section “Encanto – Palmilla” (Enchantment – Palmilla)


Mountain bicycle

       The bottom of the valley of the Filobobos river offers suitable footpaths to practice the mountain bicycle. They will be able to discover this way, and with our guides, this splendid reserve. Also by this means it will be the occasion to visit  the archaeological site Vega de la Peña.









Reductions in our natural walls within the camping with professional equipment and attendance of our guides, admiring the landscape of the fertile valley of the Filobobos river.


1. Wall of 15 meters.

2. Wall of 60 meters.





Swamps and mangroves

These particular places are near the beach of Casitas (Small Houses) in the Costa Esmeralda (Coast Esmerald), only to one hour away of the camp. You will venture with a boat of plane bottom in the swamp “Ciénega del Fuerte”, place where is possible to admire a exuberant vegetation and diverse types of birds and snakes of water. A delight for the lovers of the nature and of the picture! Also, it will be able to visit a beautiful area of mangroves, being introduced in motor boats. The journey is for a net of channels alone well-known for the fishermen of the area. There could  be observed a dense vegetation and a great variety of animal species including, with luck, crocodiles.
·Excursion to the swamps “Ciénega del Fuerte” and beach of Casitas. 

·Excursion to the mangroves and beach of Casitas.




The purification bath that our ancestors carried out with the whole prehispanic ritual using the herbs that today is knowledge and with all the mysticism that this  practice contains. An experience for the senses that it is worthwhile to live.







Enjoy the sensation to fly saving a empty space as the corresponding to our steep rock enjoying the panoramic view of the Ecological Reservation of the River Filobobos, crossing the river Alseseca in the canyon of "El Encanto" ("The Charm") or the river Bobos in the bridge of "La Palmilla."


















During the prehispanic time, the State of Veracruz welcomed the Totonaca, Olmeca and Huasteca old cultures . Near the camp, the Totonac was the predominant one and the archaelogical places that can be found in our region are representative of them. Our personal will guide you to the place of "El Tajín", one of the biggest of the country; as well as to the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa, the second but important of Mexico. Close the camp, they are the areas of "Vega de la Peña" and "Cuajilote". Inside this category, we also offer the visit to the archaeological area of "Cantona" that even when it is in the state of Puebla, near of the limit with Veracruz, it is part of the prehispanic cultures of the region with a structure and exceptional architectural distribution that makes it different to the other ones, being constituted in a magic place that is worthwhile to visit: 


·Excursión to Vega de la Peña  


·Excursión to Cuajilote 


·Excursión to El Tajín 


·Excursión to Cantona 


·Excursión to the Archaeological Museum of Xalapa  


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